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History of keys and locks

Nowadays, keys are one of the most commonly produced metal items around the world. Keys are easy to manufacture and can be carried everywhere, because of their small size. They provide an affordable (though imperfect) method of access control to our properties such as buildings, cars, doors, safes and so forth. Keys operate locks, that […]

Tips During an Emergency Lockout Situation

Getting locked out of your home can be very frustrating and discouraging. However, it may happen anytime and to everyone. Door slamming, locking a key inside your house or losing it – such incidents can cause lockouts. According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), over 150,000 new homes were registered in the UK, in […]

Wireless Home Security

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Measures Safety and surveillance has greatly increased over the past decades and made it easier to detect crime, especially in large cities, where security cameras track every movement and makes it impossible to avoid exposure. With the growing importance of safety measures, the home security systems had made a huge […]

The Ceremony of the Keys: A Time-Honored Tradition

Every night at 9:53 pm,the Chief Yeoman Warder walks to Traitor’s Gate to meet the sentry and his military escort. “Halt!“ “Who comes there?“ “The Keys“ replies the Chief Warder. “Whose Keys?“ “Queen Elizabeth’s Keys.” “Pass Queen Elizabeth’s Keys. All’s well.” The two parties meet in the middle of the Bloody Tower Archway. The Chief […]

Seasonal Safety: Christmas Trees

Evergreen trees have been part of Christmas celebrations for at least the last 1000 years, but nobody knows the true beginning of the tradition. Today, though, they are a central part of home decorations for the holiday and many family’s traditions. Trees of that size pose many threats inside a house, especially as they are […]

Self-Evident: Crime Reporting in the 21st Century

If a crime has been committed against you or near you, are you prepared to report it? Are you comfortable enough with all the details to talk to the police? Will you be confident on all the details when you do finally get to talk to the police? Many witnesses aren’t. There is an inherent […]


Preventing Bike Theft With Chemicals (BBC) In a city where bikes are a popular and energy efficient way to get around and avoid the city traffic, there is increased bike theft. One company, “Skunklock,” is trying to combat the issue of bike theft with their new product. The “Skunklock” is a bike lock that emits “noxious” […]

Bicycle Security

  According to the BBC in a 2015 study, more than 610,000 London residents are biking every day. London is a complicated city to bike through, but it’s even more difficult to make sure your bike is properly secured in a safe area. First, where to store your bike: A common area with other bicycles- […]