3 Simple tricks for bicycle safety

Bikes are our precious vehicles that we would love to keep in security.

It is of utmost importance to be aware of the best safety tips for bikes to protect them from all the intruders. There can be found different smart options to ensure the security of your vehicle.


Choose the appropriate lock, it is worth it!

The Bike locks can be found in various types and shapes, so it is essential to choose the proper one that can’t be easily handled by burglars. While the theft of bike is the fast process, it is the trickiest way to choose the complicated locks that will require plenty of time to be somehow handled. It is highly likely that in such cases, burglars will abandon the attempts to steal your bike and prefer another bike with the less secure lock system. You can find the list of the best bike locks 2018 here


Equip your bike with the alarm system

While no one has any guarantee that the burglars don’t reach particularly your bike, it is one of the best options to get the alarm system and get immediate notification in case of any burglary attempt. Alarm and tracking systems are great options against any intruder.


Mark your Bike

One of the greatest options is to mark the bike with the code. It helps policemen to detect and track down your bike and return it easily to its owner. Ensure that you put mark on the visible side of the vehicle, for burglars to see it. The Metropolitan Police Force’s Cycle Task Force in London regularly set up engagement stalls offering security marking and registration onto BikeRegister. For more information about Cycle Task Force security marking email cycletaskforce@met.police.uk.

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3 Simple tricks for bicycle safety

Bikes are our precious vehicles that we would love to keep in security. (more…)

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