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Much awaited winter holidays are upon us! Christmas is perhaps the most fabulous time of the year; time when everyone feels festive and expects wonders to happen, well, at least wishes to come true. Houses get filled with expensive gadgets and gifts and this in turn makes your home a perfect target for burglars – Grinches ready to ruin your holiday spirits! So, among the hustle and bustle of Christmas, do not forget to secure your property! 

Give burglars the cold shoulder this Christmas! Be ready to guard not only your possessions but the holiday moods, too! As studies show, the number of opportunistic burglaries in winter increases by 20-30 percent on average. Here we will tell you how to prevent possible break-in and stay secure.




Obviously, that is going to be the most reliable way to protect the house. Modern security systems can keep you updated with the current condition of your front door and locks. Moreover, if it is a part of smart home and has an access to your CCTV, it will show you each desired or much undesired guest at your doorstep. Fitting an alarm system is inexpensive and it perfectly does its job. If you already have one, make sure it works without a hitch.




Faulty or outdated doors locks can be your Achilles heel. This is where you are not advised to husband your financial resources. Invest in the high-quality locks, whether they are traditional or smart. However, nothing protects you as good as your own prudence – lock the doors and windows every time you leave home for shopping, office or a walk.




Break the back of the beast – install an outdoor lighting (with motion control if possible), report any broken street lamp in your neighbourhood and set timers to your inner lights whenever you plan to spend a night out. Just be careful not to overdo it! First, do not leave the lights on 24/7 – a clear sign there is no one at home; second, do not put light timers on the same time. Also, do not run electricity wires for external house illumination through a window or door – hire an electrician to install outdoor outlet instead.




Purses, credit and debit cards, cash, jewellery, gadgets and any other expensive possessions visible from the outside automatically put your house in danger. Get a security safe to store those precious items or at least do not leave them in plain view. Be alert on Christmas night, too. A beautiful sight of a lit Christmas tree with colorful gifts underneath it seen through a frosted window is just like an invitation to offenders.




Never publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media that you are away for a vacation, no matter how tempted you are to cry out: “Spending Christmas in Lapland” or “Enjoying sun on Canary Islands”. Burglars nowadays are using all the possible means to find out the information they are interested in. Be careful with each post on your page and do not advertise the goodies you expect to receive or plan to gift to your beloved ones.




Regularly check your landline phone’s answering machine. Especially if you have your family name written on a mailbox or doors – with this information criminals can find the phone number in the directory and call you to check if you are home.


Merry & Safe Coming Christmas!

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