Tips During an Emergency Lockout

Getting locked out of your home can be very frustrating and discouraging.

However, it may happen anytime and to everyone. Door slamming, locking a key inside your house or losing it – such incidents can cause lockouts.

According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), over 150,000 new homes were registered in the UK, in 2016. However, many homeowners are not aware of some important security tips, for avoiding unpleasant situations such as lockouts.

Here are some simple ways from AZ Locksmith that can solve house lockout problems easily:



The first thing you need to do in a lockout situation is to calm down. Panic will not help you in dealing with such unpleasant situation. It’s important to have a fresh mind in order to think about possible solutions.


Check the possible entrances

Check all the doors and windows, there might be a chance that you unintentionally left a window or a door unlocked. So, it can be a good entry point. If you find the unlocked window, try to remember what items or furniture could be in the way whilst getting into your house through the window.


Check for a spare key

If you have a spare key kept somewhere near your home, or maybe you have given one to your close friend, relative or neighbour, now’s the time to use it. Many people forget that they have an extra key.


Call your friend, family member or other people

If you have roommates, ask them to come and open the door. Or maybe you are renting a house, so, you contact your landlord, who might have an additional key. In case of living in an apartment complex, you can go to the manager’s office and ask for help.


Don’t try hard yourself

In case of a lockout, the worst thing to do is to break up a window, door, lock or something else to get into your house. Such approach is not safe and can only add damage to your property and bring more expenses. It’s highly recommended to get a help of a professional locksmith, who can solve your problem quickly and accurately, without any damage to your house, lock or door.

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