Locked keys in Car?

Have you locked the keys in a car or are you thinking how to get the keys out of a locked car? The best option to consider is to call us and our qualified technicians will solve your issue very . The main advantage of calling an AZ Locksmith is to ensure the car is opened without any damage, just like using a key to open the vehicle.

Car lockouts  are always stressful situations at the most unexpected time. We all tend to get so aggravated with the problem, that sometimes we fail to approach it right way.

Affordable Service When You Need It

Call AZ Locksmith at any time day or night, for any lockout assistance. We provide the best auto locksmith service with competitive prices and fast, friendly service for any type of lockout. Saving your valuable time and getting you back on the move as fast as possible. Our professionals are well equipped with up-to-date tools. They ensure each task started is completed to without damage and on the first try.


How Do We Get the Door Open?

One way to open the vehicle is to use an air pump to create a gap in the weather stripping on the door and press the unlock button. Most of the time, the method used is by picking the lock with an unique tool to your vehicle and there will be no damage to the vehicle. Most new cars have a “Dead Lock” security system and only a professional locksmith that knows how to pick the lock will be able to get into the vehicle. If you have this locking system on your vehicle and you thought about breaking a window in order to get into the car, think again. A “Dead Lock” security system will still not be able to be opened from the inside of the vehicle. Trying do-it-yourself methods are not the best choices to implement as it could easily damage the car if done incorrectly.


The Danger of Being Locked Out of Car

Really dangerous is, not the fact that you will have to stay out of the car , but the fact that such ideas as a DIY solution appear rather often in this situation.

Suddenly, it feels so logical and right - to try to unlock the door with some sharp metal object, such as a knife or a ruler. It looks cool and extremely easy in films, but these options are unlikely to help in reality, because (the car door locks, and not only) technology has progressed and these methods are pretty much irrelevant nowadays.

Chances that you will get injured are significantly higher. So once you get locked out of your car or have locked keys in car - better call a professional locksmith!

Our technicians have already rescued thousands of people, who found themselves locked out of car. Call us now and let them get you back into your precious vehicle!

Locked keys in car, AZ Locksmith technician can easily solve any car lockout issue


 How Did the Car Get Locked?

  • Keys are locked inside the car due to the vehicle's security feature of automatically locking in case of leaving the vehicle unlocked
  • Keys are not working on the door or they are not being recognised by the car door lock
  • Car battery is dead so the remote will not work in opening up the car


Rescuing Those Locked Out of Car

Sometimes it just happens — keys get forgotten inside the car by mistake. It happens to many car owners, even though each one of us would say that it's unlikely to happen to him or her.

We know for a fact that anyone can get locked out of car, anytime and anywhere. For this reason, we hired many mobile technicians and spread them all across the city.

In order to rescue people who locked themselves out of car, one should be around (or at least not far) when the problem occurs. Obviously, it's also important to be able to do the service right from the first attempt.

This is the reason why we are so selective when it comes to the manpower we employ and why so many of our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


It's also Damage-Free!

AZ locksmiths take extra care when handling your property. Being car owners themselves, our locksmiths know how to treat a vehicle carefully.

You can rest assured that your car will be treated by them as if it was their own - with lots of care and dedication!