AZ Locksmith offers fast and affordable car key replacement service. For almost any make and model, we are able to duplicate the original key. We can also create new remotes, flip-keys, and hands-free fob keys. In most situations, the duplication can be done on-site by our mobile technicians in their fully-equipped van. Most services take under an hour to complete, and some simple keys can be cut in less than 30 minutes. In the rare case that your key remote requires special programming, we will handle all the logistics and complete the job as soon as possible.

Car keys wear out, break, become lost, or are stolen. The blades become stuck in the ignition or the remotes are dropped in water and refuse to function.When it happens,  it’s never at a convenient time. We know the importance of having an operational vehicle and our locksmiths work hard to make replacement car keys quickly and get you back into your vehicle.

Beyond replacing keys, we also offer a full range of lockout and security services for vehicles. We have the most competitive and flat prices in the area, without any additional costs.


Blade keys are traditional metal keys with grooves. Most cars made before 2000 used exclusively blades, and more recent models usually use some combination of blades and button remotes. In this case car key replacement is usually faster and cheaper than to duplicate remotes and can be made for almost every make and model.

If the grooves in the new blade do not line up exactly, it will not function in the lock or turn the ignition. AZ Locksmith’s mobile technicians equip themselves with the best technology for making brand new keys. Car key cutting is a precise craft requiring that a skilled locksmith determines the exact tumbler positioning for the make and model. Then, we cross-reference your vehicle with the manufacturer’s server and make sure that each groove is precisely placed.

We can also create slot keys, which are like blades in that fit into the ignition. However, they are rectangular and fit into a special slot ignition on the vehicle. Like blades, they need to be made to precisely match the slot or they will not function. 

Remotes come in several varieties, and the options depend on the make and model. A remote key is a blade that has remote buttons attached to it for the locking and unlocking of the car doors or boot, as well as activating the car alarm. Some models support switch-blade keys or flip-keys, in which the blade folds inside the fob remote and is released by a button.

The final type of common remote we can duplicate is a hands-free proximity key. It is usually available for only more recent years. It can lock and unlock the car from your pocket as long as it is within a certain proximity of the car, hence the name proximity key. They usually start the car using a button rather than by inserting the key into the ignition. Like regular remotes, the proximity keys are duplicated using special programming machines. Sometimes this can be done on-site, but because of their relatively high-security, we often have to order the code directly from the manufacturer, and this process can take a little longer.

Fast and affordable car key replacement service by AZ Locksmith technician
Professional locksmith replacing car keys

Remote and Transponder Replacement

We have professional transponder key locksmith specialists, who will replace your keys quickly. For advanced keys like transponders, remotes, and proximity fobs, we will need to program them in order for your car to recognise the code on transponder chip and allow the car to start. If the key is correct, but the code on the chip is not paired to the vehicle, the car will not start. Most models have a specific code programming machine we use to make it correctly. Sometimes, however, the information is within your car, and will require us to access it by removing the dashboard, and this process will take more time. In other cases, the code in the back of the logbook.