Ignition Replacement

Car ignitions, just like keys, can stop working at any time. Therefore, it is always advisable to call a certified and licensed locksmith to help with the problem rather than being stranded.

We have a reliable emergency locksmith service and very fast response time - we will come to your location quickly to help you with your ignition-related problem.

Main Ignition Services we offer includes:

  • Ignition Lock Installation
  • Ignition Re-key 
  • Ignition Lock Repair 
  • Ignition Switch Replacement 
  • Ignition Switch Repair
  • Burglary Repairs 


Service at a minimal price

We deliver professional services at affordable prices and satisfying our customer's concerns are our first priority.

We will be at your location quickly and help you out


Can I Do It Myself?

Sometimes, we may try to change the ignition ourselves, but that can be very unsafe and can damage the vehicle. The best way to deal with any issue of the ignition is to get a professional help.


The technicians at AZ Locksmith are well-trained in diagnosing the exact cause of any car ignition switch problem and ignition switch replacement.

Don’t let Ignition Troubles Hold You Back

To have a knowledgeable automotive locksmith come and look at your issue, we  have experts working day and night to ensure you are never stranded with an ignition problem. With just one phone call, our locksmiths will arrive where you are and help you with your problem.