Commercial Locksmith

AZ Locksmith provides reliable and high quality commercial locksmith services. Our qualified technicians are available in all the areas of London 24 hours a day and they will come to you as soon as possible. If your business is located in London or nearby, you can call us anytime and take advantage of our affordable rates!



Our Business Locksmith Services


No matter what type of business you own, whether it is a small shop, an average sized restaurant, or a big factory, our security specialists will provide any commercial locksmith service you may need.


Our technicians are all trustworthy, licensed, trained, and will guarantee you a friendly service. We always use top brands to ensure high-quality and are ready  as you are a  business professional  with a busy schedule and we can be flexible to solve your problem in no time! 


Your business and its needs are our first priority. To improve our services in order to meet your needs and provide the best customer service, we are always looking to hear your feedback.


Besides standard locksmith services, AZ Locksmith offers Emergency Services for your commercial, residential and automotive needs.


Guaranteed Security

All our locksmiths are well-trained, keep their knowledge current, and have the most reliable equipment and replacement parts in the vehicle.  We promise to provide you with the best professional services to ensure high security.

Our commercial locksmith experts always work efficiently, even when there is an emergency and they need to work under great pressure. Furthermore, our security specialists are well-trained to avoid unnecessary work.



If you live in London or in Greater London, we will gladly drive to your location. Accidents and lockouts can happen anytime and we want to be there for you.

Our technician will show up at your address in the shortest possible time, no matter where your business is located.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about our service. If you are willing to make a security upgrade of any sort and need a consultation, AZ Locksmith has you covered.

Business Locksmith Services we provide are secure, reliable, quick and affordable

1-year Guarantee

All the locks, keys, panic bars and other replacement parts that might be needed in order to provide a commercial locksmith service are provided with a 1-year guarantee.  Should you come across any problems during this period, you can be assured that one phone call will be more than enough to bring our technician to your address again.  Your phone call will be treated with as much dedication and goodwill as your first call was. You will get the problem repaired or a faulty device replaced with a new one for free.


Why AZ Locksmith?

We believe the security of your business is very important and not something that can be compromised on.

Our professionals at AZ Locksmith have serviced hundreds of commercial businesses with great success. Your security matters to us as much as our own.


Take advantage of what we have to offer and call us today, to book an appointment with one of our mobile representatives!