UPVC Door Lock Installation

Nowadays, a lot of people choose UPVC door lock installation for their domestic and business properties because these doors are more secure, durable, and affordable than traditional wooden doors. However, UPVC doors cannot do their job without effective locks. These doors with weak, damaged, or faulty locks can be opened easily by criminals. In addition, if you do not have high-quality locks, you may need to repair or replace them frequently.


UPVC doors contain latches mechanism multipoint locks which have many parts to them including a deadbolt, a latch (live bolt), hook bolts, and may also contain compression bolts. These doors also provide a weather-proof seal.



Choosing the best locks

It is highly recommended to install effective locks on UPVC doors. However, it is not advisable to use DIY methods, because this job needs special knowledge, experience and proper tools. In order to avoid potential damage to your doors, it is advisable to contact a professional locksmith for help.

There are two main kinds of locks for UPVC doors:


  • Split Spindle Locks
  • Split spindle locks automatically lock when you close the door from the outside
  • The key turns the latch, not the handle from the outside
  • From the inside, the handle will open the bolt
  • Thieves will not be able to gain access because they do not have the key and the lock automatically locks from the outside
  • Solid Spindle Locks
  • Solid spindle locks do not lock automatically from the outside
  • This type of lock is used for most flats due to fire code
  • Because flats have fire resistant doors, you can run into the flat without the key if the locks are not engaged
  • You will need to lock this kind of lock from the inside, otherwise a thief can come in without any effort


You can contact AZ Locksmith proficient technicians, who are specially trained to handle UPVC door security issues quickly and accurately. They have years of experience in working with many types of UPVC door lock mechanisms.





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