Window Lock Replacement

Unfortunately, home burglary has become a common occurrence in London and upgrading your window locks to a higher security will help prevent any forced entry in the future. Therefore, window lock replacement is extremely important in terms of child safety as it prevents accidents of any sort. It is always advisable to get hinges for it because the hinges will restrict the opening of the window and make sure your children can play without any risks.


With our locksmith professionals working all throughout London, you can be sure that we can be on site to change your window locks at any time of day or night.

Types of Window Locks 

  • Keyed Locks

    These locks require a key to lock and unlock the window
    We can rekey the lock to the same key you use for the rest of your house

  • Sliding Window Locks

    These locks prevent the window from sliding open or closed on its track
    This will prevent anyone from the outside from sliding open a window if the lock is locked

  • Swivel Action Locks

    This lock does not require a key
    This lock uses a handle to keep the window from fully opening

  • Folding Latch Locks

    Latches installed on the top of windows
    Allows air to circulate in the room
    Only the top of the window opens, unless the lock is completely unlocked

  • Window Latch Locks

    These are the most common locks for windows
    It is a latch that is attached to one window and it can be attached to another window when they are closed
    Both windows will be locked or unlocked at the same time

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