Car Key Replacement in London

Are you looking for a car key replacement service, because your key got lost or broken?

Consider the solution to your problem found – AZ Locksmith has you covered.

Dial (020) 3199-7915 now to have an auto locksmith coming to you in just 25 minutes!

When Replacement Car Keys are Needed?

  • Once a key gets lost
  • If the key breaks
  • When it gets stolen
  • In case that a duplicate is needed

To sum it up, this service is mainly used by those who are unable to get into their cars or start them, or just want to have a spare copy made.

It’s important to mention that both duplication of an existing key and replacement of a car key that you no longer have a copy of is possible.

Our auto locksmith specialists can detect the right key code that should be cut, once they have an access to your car (which they can unlock easily and safely as well).

Why choose AZ Locksmith?

Quick Response (25 Minutes)

Once you call us and provide your details, you are guaranteed to meet our specialist that fast.

The nearest locksmith will be immediately dispatched and it won’t take him longer than 25 minutes to show up at your current location.

24/7 Availability

Whether you need a replacement of a lost car key made early in the morning or very late at night – our services are always at hand.

AZ Locksmith has a large staff of technicians, who are dispersed all across the city 24 hours a day.

Mobile Service

Many people have a misconception that they can get a service done by their car dealers. This is not always the case.

Besides, unlike car dealers, our auto locksmith technicians are mobile. They provide locksmith services right on the spot.

This means that we will spare the need to use the service of a towing company for those who are stuck outside the car and can neither drive anywhere, nor even leave the car without supervision (fearing that someone might find the lost key and steal the vehicle).

Affordable Rates

The price of the service is one of the most important factors that customers take into consideration, and our prices are the lowest in London.

Whether you have an old car, or a new model that needs a more advanced type of key – the price you are about to be charged will be lower than that of any other company in London.


Replacement Car Keys for ANY Vehicle

The assortment of different car makes and models keeps growing as the years pass. That means that the list of possible needs that our customers have, keeps getting longer as well.

For that reason, our staff is trained to service all types of vehicles, the oldest and the newest ones alike. 

Some people keep driving older types of cars and use basic solid metal keys and VATS keys, while others have newer models, which come with Transponder keys and even laser cut ones.

Regardless of that, all the drivers have equal chances to lose their keys and find themselves in need of an emergency car key replacement all of a sudden.

Our techs have large stocks of blank keys carried with them, as well as all the key cutting and programming gear that they need in order to make the keys on the spot.

If you need to change your older key, first of all, you should find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your car. Then you should write down the make, model and the year of your automobile. If you have a new electronic key, it’s advisable to check if your car’s warranty or insurance covers key changing. Please consider, that it is not recommended trying to fix a key or lock problems of your car by yourself. You may damage the locking mechanism of your vehicle or the key and it will cost you more.


90-Day Guarantee

Once you got a replacement car key supplied by AZ Locksmith, you can be sure that it will serve you well in the long run.

Such incidents don’t happen often, but if the key stops working for whatever reason – you will only have to give us a call in order to get it fixed, or get a new one provided for free.

Your callback will be treated with the same level of dedication and as fast as your original call. 

In Conclusion

Getting your car keys replaced is not a big deal, if you select the right locksmith.

We are authorized key manufacturers and provide keys for our customers at a very nominal fee. Our prices are very competitive—we examine the situation and give you the best quote in the market.

Whatever kind of car you drive, if you lose your keys, make sure you reach us out immediately and we’ll be happy to assist you right away!

We can prepare a completely new key for your car, without damaging your ignition or car door locks. We get the job done much quicker than our competitors.

Give us a quick call and we will be at your service in 25 minutes!