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What is a Transponder Key?

This is the type of key that most of the cars that were made in the 2000’s come with.

The word “Transponder” is comprised of the words “transmit” and “respond”. Modern cars are equipped with a Transponder system that is installed inside the ignition and a chip that can be found under the plastic cover of the key head. 

Once the key is inserted into the ignition, a radio signal is sent to the chip in the key. If the original owner’s key (or an authorized, professionally made duplicate of that Transponder key) is used – the signal will be sent back the ignition. 

If the key does not respond, the Transponder system in the ignition will not “approve” it and the car won’t start.

This makes cars much less vulnerable to auto theft, because even if the code that is carved in the key blade is perfectly copied without the owner’s consent, it will still be impossible to turn on the ignition and start driving the vehicle.


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Should you ever find yourself in need of a new Transponder key made for your car, because the original key is broken, stolen or lost – you may consider yourself covered.

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