Locksmith Dartford

If you are looking for security solutions in Dartford, our team of locksmith technicians can provide you with just that!

Our team consists of competitive locksmiths who are all armed with skills and knowledge about locks and security systems. They are trained, licensed, trustworthy, professional, and friendly. They have the necessary tools required for replacing locks, fixing and repairing locks, and are capable of finding solutions to any of your problems.

We are reachable in every corner of Dartford for your convenience. AZ Locksmith offers the best kind of services in town and promise you the best type of quality service guaranteed.

Our offers

Here is a list of what our services are. Do keep in mind that this list is just an example and we are not limited in services. Please call and inquire for more information if needed.

  • Car key replacement

    As the most trusted locksmith in Dartford, our technicians will issue a car key replacement right on the spot. It does not matter what year, make, or model your vehicle is; we are prepared for all types of keys and can get your replacement for the lowest price in the area.

  • Locked out of house?

    Finding a quick locksmith in Dartford when you’re locked out of the house should not be a difficult task. We can provide access through any lock or security system that is standing between you and your keys. We do this on a daily basis and are happy to solve your problem.

  • Locked out of car?

    In Dartford, our locksmiths are waiting to help you when you’re in need. Being locked out of your vehicle can be scary and frustrating, but we can be by your side quickly and assist in opening it without causing any damage to the vehicle. It is important that you do not attempt to do this on your own, as damaging the vehicle can make our locksmith’s job more difficult or even impossible.

  • Transponder key

    We can boast being the most well-equipped locksmith in Dartford simply because we are. If you are in need of a new transponder key, we can provide one quickly and on a budget. We understand the importance of having the transponder key fast, because a transponder-equipped vehicle will not work without it. We will have a new transponder key in your hand as quickly as possible.

  • Lock change

    We will complete a lock change on any lock no matter how simple or complex. Whether you’ve decided on an upgrade for age or security reasons, trust us as the best locksmith in Dartford to give service with absolute speed and accuracy that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Ignition replacement

    Our talented locksmiths will let you know if your damaged ignition needs to be totally replaced or just repaired. As Dartford’s most affordable locksmith, we will perform ignition replacement in any car, no matter how new or old the vehicle is. We maintain this ability so that we can help the widest assortment of people.

  • Lock rekeying

    Being the most budget-friendly locksmith in Dartford, we can assure you that lock rekeying doesn’t have to be a headache. Within a short working time, we will ensure that the lock pins have been changed and that you receive the keys that match. If a total lock change is out of the question, this is a great option and we will be just as happy to help.

Our Goals

AZ Locksmith is not limited to only residential services, but can help you automotive solutions as well as business security problems. Our one main goal is to provide quality customer service at your convenience. Our team promises to assist you in any ways possible, in a timely manner.

Our business emphasizes security and safety. We want our quality service to give you a peace of mind. The products we utilize are top brands that promise both safety and security, are recommendable and promising.


Making our services affordable to everybody is one of our important goals. We want to make our services accessible to all citizens.  Prices may vary depending on type of service.

Stop in or make us a call at (020) 3199-7915 to inquire about our services and prices. We service all of Dartford!