Locksmith Enfield

Are you looking for a Locksmith in Enfield? Our locksmith technicians will provide the fastest service in town!

The technicians at AZ Locksmith are all licensed, trained, skilled, and professional in what they do. They are trustworthy and most of all will give you a friendly service.

We will assist in a variety of ways, from your security worries to automotive problems. If you get locked out of your house or your car, we can help you with that too!


Locksmith Services

Our locksmith technicians all have expertise in home security, businesses, and cars. They are all equipped with knowledge to solve any problem you have.

Below is a list of the services we offer, but are not limited to what we can do for you:

  • Car key replacement

    Sometimes you’ll find yourself in need of a car key replacement or duplicate, and we can make one for you right where you are. We provide replacements for all makes, models, and years of vehicles, and we will do it for the lowest price you can find. You just need to give us a call to discover that we are the most efficient locksmith in Enfield.

  • Locked out of house?

    When you find yourself locked out of the house, do not panic, because we will arrive quickly to help you out. Our skilled locksmiths can open and lock any security system quite easily. We do these things every day so that practice has become perfect.

  • Locked out of car?

    Being locked out of a car is inevitable for many vehicle owners, and you can trust us to be the locksmith in Enfield that can come and assist. Do not attempt to break into the vehicle yourself, since this can hinder our ability to help you and can cause major damage to yourself or the car.

  • Transponder key

    Count on us as the best locksmith service to supply the transponder key that you need. All vehicles that carry a transponder key must have it in order to function, so having one that operates is vital. We service all makes and models with our wide array of transponder keys on hand.

  • Lock change

    This city’s residents use lock types of all sorts, including complex electric locks and simpler cylindrical locks. Whether you call us for a lock change in the Enfield area, a routine update or for security purposes, we will service you with speed and accuracy, no matter how simple or complex your locks are.

  • Ignition replacement

    If you are having ignition problems and need a replacement, one of our talented Enfield locksmiths will determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. We service all types of vehicles, no matter what age they are. Our locksmiths can replace many sorts of ignitions so that we can help the largest array of customers.

  • Lock rekeying

    Whether your key has been lost or stolen, we are ready to service you with a quick lock rekeying that will fit any budget. The pins in the lock will be changed and you will be given a new set of keys. As the most efficient locksmith in Enfield, you will receive a budget-friendly service that is also really quick. This is a good option for any commercial or residential building.

AZ Locksmith has a variety of locking devices ready at your service. If you have questions, please drop in or give us a call—we are happy to be of help to you.


Our Products

All of our products—from locks to security systems—are all top model brands. They come with high reviews and customer satisfaction. We use top brands to guarantee you peace of mind and security from any crime or theft.

Most importantly, your satisfaction with our services and products truly matters to us. We offer a 90-day guarantee as well. If you are not satisfied and have issues, please contact us for further solutions.


Our Prices

We will charge you reasonably for our service(s). Our prices are affordable and will vary depending on the type of service is requested.

If you have any lock related concerns at all, please give us a call at (020) 3199-7915. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and aim to give you the best quality service!