Locksmith Harrow

Locksmith service needed in Harrow? You can trust us to solve your problems!  AZ Locksmith provides you with a professional lock and key service. Our team is credible, reliable, licensed, insured, certified, and professional in all aspects.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your home or your car, we are at your service. We carry the latest equipment and our team is equipped with solutions to your problems. We pride ourselves in training the best technicians to be at your service. It is understandable that letting a stranger into your home, that is why we find it important to include a friendly service. We are a team that will treat you with commendable respect.

Our technicians understand the importance of boosting your home security and will use the best products on the market to protect you from crime!

Here is a list of services we can provide you, but please note that our services are not limited to these:

Car Key Replacement

If you have found yourself in need of a car key replacement or a duplicate, we will make one for you right on the spot. All makes, models, and years are covered, and the price will be the lowest you can find.  Just give us a call; we will assist you as the most efficient car key replacement locksmith in Harrow.

Locked out of House?

Finding a quick locksmith Harrow service  when you’re locked out of house doesn’t have to be difficult.
You should know that we can open any door locked with any security system with ease. We do this on a daily basis and are able to help you out day or night.

Locked out of Car?

Our locksmiths in Harrow are waiting for your call, in case you get locked out of your car.  Don’t opt for a do-it-yourself solution as this could cause damage to you or the vehicle. We will be by your side quicker than you can bend a coat hanger.

Transponder Key

As the most outfitted locksmith in Harrow, we promise to supply a new transponder key to any transponder-equipped vehicle. Since no such vehicle can start without a working transponder key, the importance of quick and accurate replacement is high priority.

Lock Change

Residents of the city use locks of all types, from fairly simple cylindrical locks to complex electrical ones.
Whether you need a lock change in Harrow as an update or for security reasons, other locksmith services can’t service you with the same speed and accuracy that we can, no matter how complicated the lock change is.

Mortise Lock Change Service In Harrow

Ignition Replacement

After inspecting your ignition, our locksmith will inform you if repair or replacement is necessary. We can service all types of cars, no matter how new or old they might be.  Our locksmith service in Harrow provides replacement to different types of ignitions, so that we can assist the widest variety of customers.

Lock Rekeying

If your key has been lost or stolen, we can service you with a lock rekeying at a low cost and in a short working time.
We will change the pins in the lock and provide the new keys needed. Coming from the quickest and most budget-friendly locksmiths in Harrow, lock rekeying is a great option for a residential or commercial building.


Our services are not residential limited. We also work with businesses and automotive problems. If you need to update your locks, keys, or security systems, we are happy to be at your service. We promise you quality customer service that will leave you satisfied. Not only that, but our products come with a 90-day guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with our service, do not hesitate to call us.


Our rates are affordable and vary from the type of service requested. Please call at (020) 3199-7915 or look on the website for more information regarding prices. Time is also not an issue. As long as you live in Harrow, we will be at your door in 15 minutes or less!